Boxed Meat and Meat price list

Kahua Ranch offers 2 types of
boxed beef, pre-selected for
a great price!


Kahua Ranch Prides itself in providing their best beef for their families and for yours!

Basic Box 15 lbs.- $50.00
Contains a variety of: Hamburger, Sliced BBQ & Boneless Stew. To top it off we add a mix aof Short Ribs, Soup Bone, Chuck Steak, Top Round Steak, or Sirloin Steak
Grill Box 15lbs.- $75.00
Contains a variety of: T- Bone Steak, and 6oz pre-made hamburger patties, with a mix of Sirloin Steak, Chuck Steak or Sliced BBQ
Beef and Lamb cut and price list
The attachment is in excel format that can be oened and printed. This list is updated and you will see the date at the bottom left of the page.