Kahua Ranch Ltd. is home to some 3,300 mother cows and over 100 bulls at any given time. With over 75 years of planned breeding with the last 40 years using artificial insemination to influence the genetic direction of the herd, Kahua's cattle herd has evolved into lines of animals that consistently set the mark for feed yard performance and beef quality.

Originally a Hereford breed based herd, Today Kahua is primarily Angus influenced with the use of Charolais as a terminal sire crossbred. A relative newcomer to the herd is our Wagyu bloodlines. Best known as the Japanese "Kobe" Beef, today Kahua Ranch has a Certified pure bred herd and prides itself in raising and finishing the animals for an exclusive clientele of customers.

Kahua Ranch is also home to 900 mother sheep or "ewes". A Merino based flock with Romney, Corriedale, and Dorset influence, the sheep are used together with the cattle to graze and manage the lands. The meat production is all locally consumed in restaurant and retail sales; the wool is shourn and shipped to the mainland United States for woolen garment manufacturing.


What would a ranch be without its horses? Today Kahua still uses horses its livestock handling. A Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, and Morgan cross, the original bloodlines trace back to the early 1900's when the United States Army gave Thoroughbred stallions to ranches in return for the ranches raising remounts for use in the Pacific.

With a focus on increasing productivity while keeping in mind environmental impact and sustainability, Kahua Ranch embraced the high density / rapid rotational method of managing grazing lands. The concept is simple. Confining the herd into a small area for a limited amount of time and then moving them on. This allows the just grazed area to have the plants recover without further impact and is an effective tool to manage against erosion. End result? This has allowed Kahua Ranch to effectively double its carrying capacity of livestock, sustained, for over 25 years.

Kahua is a place of History and Vision